Opening of TXI AVR Center

Website: Opening of TXI AVR Center, which is building AVR+ Ecosystem for Global Market focusing on Industrial Use, with base in Taiwan and collaborating with Israel AR/VR core technologies and U.S. development platforms as well as worldwide channels. The AVR+ Ecosystem includes: (A) Forming AVR+ Talents Pool through AVR training programs, (B) Forming AVR+ Business Alliance to create and incubate more AVR solutions, (C) Using TXI Accelerators for more AVR+ innovations for global market, (D) Setting up AVR+ R&D Alliance in different fields, (E) Forming Integrator of H/W and S/W for AVR solutions to leverage the H/W strength of Taiwan.

TXI AVR Center 正式揭幕, 由台以投資合作中心(TXI Center)出資,引入以色列生態系再結合美商AVR相關各大廠,共同合作進行 VR/AR 的推廣、教育、與創新孵化平台,於 2018 年 10 月 23 日,正式開始營運,特別邀請經濟部工業局楊志清副局長、台北市柯文哲市長、台以投資合作中心創辦人林榮恩、EON Reality Pte Ltd 董事長 Michael Yap 共同主持開幕活動。