[ Build an Ecosystem of New Education for Nations ]

Partnering with EON Center (頤恩萬國教育中心), redefines the meaning of education and aims to integrate education of different nations, especially Chinese education and Jewish education, to form a new education methodology and system for the world.

The project will leverage technology to build an international platform for breaking down walls between schools, classes, subjects, teachers and nations. It supports EON Center to develop new education methodology, new education curriculum, provide teacher’s training / teacher’s career planning (caring teachers is equally important as caring students), and invest in education technology / tools.

The vision of this project and EON Center is to achieve Co-Education, Co-Innovation and Co-Evolution among nations, so that the next generations could inherit the Spirit of ” Being with GOD for JUSTICE, MERCY, HUMILITY ” to be the blessings of the world.

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