Digital Technology

[ Build a Digital Tech Eco-System for Industries with Israel & Global Partners ]

The project cooperating with TXI Partners is building up a Digital Tech. Ecosystem for industries, with base in Taiwan and collaborating with Israel technologies and global leaders. Taiwan is one of the best choice to be the hub integrating H/W and S/W, also the perfect testing market for any new innovation. With the hardware strength and abundant talents from Taiwan plus solutions from global leaders, more total solutions for different industries could be generated.

The Digital Tech. Ecosystem built by this project and TXI Partners includes:

(A) Talent Education : Forming Digital Tech. Talents Pool through training programs, our and AVR+ international school is one of the example which has nurtured many digital and AVR+ technology talents, who become leaders in the market.

(B) TXI Business Development Center : Forming TXI Business Alliance to cooperate with Israel or global leaders/partners to accelerate more Digital Tech. solutions with new thinking and new technology.

(C) TXI Accelerators:Using TXI Accelerators for more innovations for global market.

(D) TXI R&D and Project Alliance : With Israel or global partners to set up TXI R&D Alliance in different industries.

(E) Forming Integrator of H/W and S/W for TXI Digital Tech. Ecosystem to leverage the H/W strength of Taiwan.

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