TXI Club x Investment

TXI Club is a prestige membership club for investors and business owners. The purpose of TXI Club is to provide members unique investment opportunity, business partnership as well as exclusive networking. In addition, TXI professional team will provide portfolio management for investors, or do project management for club members, especially the projects related to Israel. TXI team will involve in the operation of invested companies on behalf of investors to enhance the investment return as well as grow more business for invested companies through the big platform of TXI Club’s members.

TXI Club is located in the top floor with roof balcony in one of the most luxurious building in Taipei, which is designed by world-famous architect Richard Rogers.

What TXI offers differently and uniquely:

  • Synergy of Cross Industries : TXI team will leverage different resources from investors and members to create synergy and cross-industry cooperation to benefit all parties.
  • Grow Investor’s Business : TXI team will find customized technologies or disruptive innovations to help our investors grow their own business.
  • Business Development for invested companies : Before investor’s investment, TXI team will help target companies to do market test and market adjustment, investor could invest the target companies if they pass the market test, this process will not only increase the investment return, but also make the invested companies grow more business, to achieve Win-Win strategy.
  • Involvement of Investors in Mentoring : TXI team will bring investors or members in the front line to mentor the target companies or innovations, so that all parties could benefit from it.
  • Active Portfolio Management : TXI Center will allocate a team to help our investors or members of TXI Club looking after their investment or projects in Israel.

It goes without saying that TXI Club also provides a prestigious and very private club space for members to relax and enjoy good Israeli wines, cuisine as well as exhibition of arts and design, which not only demonstrate different kinds of life style, but also fulfill the spiritual needs of VIPs.